September 2023 – London: Parker presents the Sonnet Special Edition ‘Intrepid Journeys’ collection, featuring designs based on celebrated destinations from around the world. The collection appeals to curious individuals who harbour a sense of wanderlust, who seek to step back from the routine distractions of daily life and who aspire to travel and explore the beauty of the natural world.

The Sonnet Special Edition ‘Intrepid Journeys’ collection exudes contemporary, yet timeless elegance, with an inspirational new design launched every year, for years to come.

For 2023, we are delighted to introduce the Mt. Fuji Edition, the first in this global journey of discovery, reflecting the majesty of Japan's iconic mountain and of hiking the famous Yoshida trail.

The sophisticated design of the Mt. Fuji Special Edition pen allows our imagination and aspirations to climb to a higher level, elevating our view of the world and awakening our desire to expand our horizons.

With time-honoured Parker craftmanship and expertise, the Mt. Fuji Special Edition is hand-assembled from 22 individual pieces with meticulous attention to detail. Each pen features an 18k solid gold nib with a rhodium finish and a design inspired by the world map.  The brushed steel shell is accented with pink gold trims, and the brass barrel is finished in a new blue lacquer.

The laser-etched design on the sterling silver and palladium-coated cap features vertical lines representing the wooden walking sticks that can be stamped at each mountain station passed en route to the summit, and displays the legendary name of Mt. Fuji and its elevation, evoking the spirit of audacious adventure. Intricate engravings, inspired by the 5th Station, a popular starting point, and the Torii Gate close to the summit at its end, take us on a journey to Mt. Fuji’s peak.

Parker Sonnet. Put the world into words.

The Mt. Fuji Special Edition pen makes the perfect gift to a loved one and comes elegantly packaged in a prestige gift box.


For 135 years Parker has continuously built upon a legacy of craftmanship, innovation and quality; it’s this commitment that’s made the Parker name synonymous with excellence in Fine Writing.

George Parker believed it was always possible to make a better pen. This drove him to found Parker and patent his first leak-free fountain pen in 1888, and it’s the philosophy that motivates the constant refinement of Parker pens today.

Iconic details like the arrow clip and the hand-assembled, Ace- emblazoned nibs, are anchored in a heritage of craftsmanship, driven forward by the belief that writing with finely crafted instruments can enhance and deepen your thoughts.

Parker has spent 135 years pioneering innovation, style and unique craftsmanship in fine writing instruments, giving people the confidence to write their own stories. Recognised worldwide for its use of high-quality materials, Parker puts its renowned expertise into every pen through rigorous testing and attention to detail. A hallmark of Parker’s commitment to craftsmanship and excellence, Parker has been awarded two Royal Warrants, first in 1962 by Her Majesty The Queen and again in 1990 by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Parker is part of Newell Brands and has a global presence in 145 countries. Parker continues to believe in the importance of writing because the words we speak can be heard by many, but the words we write transcend time.

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