Nib Exchange Program

Nib Exchange Program

Nib Exchange Program

If you are not entirely satisfied by the nib of your fountain pen, you may request a nib exchange to better suit your individual writing style.

Fountain Pen Nibs

Any product available from the current collection and within 28 days of purchase, you realise that the nib of your fountain pen is not entirely suited to your writing style, Parker offers you the complimentary benefit of exchanging it for any nib of the same value, provided it is undamaged and in excellent condition.

Process for Exchange

Working closely with retail partners, Parker provides dedicated services and professional advice on owning, using and servicing your Parker pen.

Step 1:

Please enter your location into the Store Locator and contact your local retailer to confirm if they provide nib exchange services.

Step 2 (if your local retailer service is available):

If your local retailer service is available: Please visit your local retailer with proof of purchase and your pen where they will coordinate the exchange of your nib. If completed within 28 days of purchase the service will be complimentary. If outside of this period, your retailer will provide a quote in-store.

Step 2 (if no local retailer service is available):

Please click here for further information.

Fountain Pens

fountain tip pen

The Nib Exchange Program has been designed to ensure the best writing experience for everyone. With a range of 14 different nibs to suit all writing styles: from extra fine, regular and broad, to straight, italic and oblique, ensure you find your perfect personal expression.

How Do I Know Which Nib I Currently Have?

Each nib is marked with a unique ID code located in a small indentation approximately half way along the back of the nib.
Use the key below to distinguish which of the 14 nib sizes you have.

  • EEF: extra extra fine
  • EF: extra fine
  • F: fine
  • M: medium
  • B: broad
  • EB: extra broad
  • EEB: extra extra broad
  • FO: fine oblique
  • MO: medium oblique
  • RMO: medium reverse oblique
  • BO: broad oblique
  • FI: fine italic
  • MI: medium italic
  • BI: broad italic

Nibs to suit different writing styles:

Regular Pen-Nibs

With a rounded shape at the tip of the writing point, regular pen-nibs provide a smooth, free flowing writing experience and a uniform writing line for any style of writing, both left-handed and right-handed.

Oblique Pen-Nibs

To compensate for extreme writing angles, these pen-nibs are precision cut at an oblique angle and fitted with a rounded pellet, allowing the pen to write smoothly in all directions.

Italic Straight Pen-Nibs

Manufactured with a sharp, straight cut tip and finished with a flat pellet, this pen-nib applies a thick line in one direction and a thin line at right angles to that direction as necessary for the italic style of writing.

Nib Size Availability per Collection

Duofold Classic & Prestige

  • Extra extra fine
  • Extra fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad
  • Extra Broad
  • Extra Extra Broad

Parker Premier

  • Extra fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad


  • Extra fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad
  • Extra Broad

Ingenuity, Urban, Parker IM & Jotter

  • Fine
  • Medium