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A Limited Edition collection to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the iconic Parker Duofold

Celebrating 100 years of an icon.

2021 marks 100 years since the launch of the iconic Parker Duofold and to celebrate this century of excellence, Parker proudly honours the traditions of this fine writing instrument with the release of this Limited Edition.

Available first as a Limited Edition collector’s set of just 100 pieces, and then individually for 12 months in the ultimate celebration of this icon.


An embodiment of the “Roaring ‘twenties”

Duofold captured the zeitgeist of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ - a period of extravagant culture and a time when the public embraced new styles and rejected many traditional codes. It was an era embodied by the Art Deco movement and the first ‘Big Red’ Duofold exemplified the spirit of the age. 

At a time when the world was filled with black pens, PARKER made a bold statement with its emblematic red finish which paved the way for many more colours including Lapis Lazuli, Jade Green, and Mandarin Yellow.

Symbol of Excellence

The cap jewel and 18k solid gold nib with rhodium highlights proudly bare Duofold’s symbol of excellence, the Ace of Spades motif, alongside the years ‘1921-2021’ to mark this landmark anniversary. 


Exceptional craftsmanship

Parker’s exceptional craftsmanship is present in every aspect of this Limited Edition. As a tribute to the experimental Duofolds of the early 1930s, the intricate pattern that decorates the cap and barrel is created using a technique called diffusion bonding.

Duofold 100 Banner

Limited Edition

With only 100 units produced for sale, the Limited Edition gift box enhances the opening experience of Duofold 100. The wooden exterior is coated in a glossy black lacquer. The box interior is made of a soft black suede material as is the cushioned platform that holds the three Limited Edition pens.

Each pen is individually numbered from 1 to 100 and has been fitted with a deluxe Parker converter.

Below the platform is a certificate of authenticity signed by Geoffrey S. Parker, a Limited Edition booklet, and a box of cartridges.

The single pen is available in PARKER’s prestige gift box and will be available for 12 months.