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Welcome to PARKER.
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For Parker 5THTM

Another way, the 5TH way.

Parker 5THTM stands for the most advanced writing technology in recent times.
Following decades of fine writing being led by classic pens, the 5THTM way of writing combines all the advantages providing you with smooth, clean and reliable writing.

parker 5th ink refill

Uniquely refined

Parker only uses the finest materials to provide the writing instruments with the best quality and most beautiful aspect. Every part of a pen has its own specificity and requires accurate attention to detail and excellent materials.


Soul of craftsmanship

Since 1888, Parker has been combining innovation, expertise and the love of delicate materials to design and conceive the most innovative pens. Our talented teams of craftsmen and pen experts work together to create ranges of new, hybrid, sophisticated writing instruments, crafted to delight you for years to come.