Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Elegance, craftsmanship, intelligence and vision collide to mark the 130th anniversary of the iconic Parker Duofold.


The Craft of Travelling

What began in 1888 as George S. Parker’s simple mantra of striving to make a better and more inspirational pen, is today celebrated with the limited edition release of 1,300 unique Duofold masterpieces. Each one pays tribute to their founder’s relentless curiosity about the world, passion for travel and global cultures, and commitment to the craft of writing.

  • INSPIRED DESIGNEach of the Duofold’s 22 hand-assembled components have been carefully crafted to make it nothing less than extraordinary.

  • TRUE CHARACTERThe barrel features a world map set with lasered golden lines.

  • A SUBLIME WRITING EXPERIENCEThe 18kt solid gold (bi-colour) nib features a compass design, which represents the science of navigation and the old-world steamships George used during his journeys.

A Luxurious Gift Box Inspired By Vintage-Style Luggage

The box lid features a world map highlighting all the countries George visited during his global travels.

George's Travels

From Tahiti to Tonga, the New Caledonian Islands to China, George always used his faithful Duofold to document his experiences in a travel journal. He believed this not only preserved his memories, but also strengthened them. The thrill of travelling and his appreciation for global cultures inspired George’s creativity and many of his iconic designs for Parker.